Thank you for taking the time out to visit my website. I wish to bring comfort to South Carolina with Hope to a better future. 

The things I have done for South Carolina has been thru Grace. In helping the law makers by singing like a biblical story out of the Bible in 2007  a song I wrote God Love The Gamecocks, I received a letter from Steve Spurrier for the success it bought to USC. 
I open one of the first independent family hair salon 
that was multi cultural and help people like Kenny Shuler and other 
corporation's integrate the schools training and work place to teach and serve everyone 
in need of training and better service in the hair industry

I was at the state house singing This Land Is Your Land a story covered by The State News Paper in 2015 after the Massacre at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston. And 2017 with another song by John Cougar Ain't That America, it touch the heart of everyone so they stop Confederate parades marching down Main Street to secure the investments of everyone's business and safety.

I have been serving South Carolina as a public servant every since I have moved here because this was my home as a child, so I brought my family  to learn of South Carolina's greatest gift something we call good manners. Good manners will take you farther than money.

In 2020 I served America when my message on facebook page, what the government need to add in Stimulus deal to help Apartment owners. My suggestion  was added into the 2020 Stimulus package.

Everyone who has hired me to work in their business has prospered and many has watched the owner of Micheals Cafe that is now called The Main Course. And a man named Barry Walker is now mayor of Irmo South Carolina. I am also a minister in the gospel of Christ, I am here to serve as Governor and make South Carolina a better state for everyone.
Vote for Calvin Cj Mack McMillan to continue
bringing good things November 8 2022.