In 1989 I was supposed to die from prostate cancer. The releasing doctor gave me no meds or hope to live. 
My life changed when I heard the voice of God tell me he was sending someone to help me she gave herbs and oils the same things Jesus ate and used.

I found out I had Ebola at the same time in 1989 the same symptoms and effect of Covid 19 Virus. I was always told by the doctors there is no cure for viruses.
or bronchitis, which was healed by the herbs as well
now since 1991.
North Korea in May 2022 reported 33Million people infected with fever, with only 69 deaths using all of Gods
creation. We are at a place to use wisdom and not prejudices if we wish to help insure a better and healthier
tomorrow. Doctors are not taught about herbal products
so a lot gets left out of our lives for alternative choices.
On facebook in 2020 I began to tell people about the  herbs I used in 1989 . 
Many people wanted more info on the campaign trail 
when I ran for governor in SC 2022. So here I am preparing to get started in helping anyone with my prducts.